Who am I?

I am a husband, runner, friend of all dogs, programmer, teacher, and entrepreneur.

I like to learn and build with technology.

I am a founder of multiple businesses, all of which leverage the Python programming language. From using Flask web development on all of my business sites, to Scikit-Learn and Pandas for machine learning and data analysis with Ensmo.com, to the Natural Language Toolkit for natural language processing with Sentdex.com, to teaching a massive variety of Python programming topics on PythonProgramming.net, Python and programming is a major part of my life and work.

I believe programming is a super power, and the social impact of making this education easily accessible to anyone is one of the most important things I can do with my life.

Programming Education: PythonProgramming.net

Programming has become a major part of my life, and has allowed me to continue my pursuit of entrepreneurship. It is my hope to pass along the super power of programming to others. PythonProgramming.net hosts about a thousand Python programming tutorials on a wide variety of topics like Web Development, Data Analysis, Robotics, Game Development, Finance, Machine Learning, and a whole bunch of others.

Ensmo - Data Analysis Simplified (Ensmo.com)

The goal of Ensmo is make data analysis, both for the programmer and non-programmer, and make it simple.

Users of Ensmo can upload data, generate graphs, apply transformations, do forecasting, and predictions all with a simple user interface.

Ensmo Demo
Other projects:
  • Sentiment Analysis for Stocks, Politics, and Geographic analysis (Sentdex.com) - Sentdex was the reason I learned to program in the first place, and serves as my first major project with programming and data analysis.

  • Automated Bitcoin Trading as a SaaS business - An automated trading algorithm that dynamically modifed itself over time to hedge bitcoin. Still runnning today. The latest version has been running for a year straight on its own.

  • Tools and analysis for virtual investing (Merchz.com) - My first actually successful business that I founded, though I was not the developer for it. This business still runs today, though I am no longer a major part of it.
Get in touch

Due to the volume of emails I recieve, please try keep things short. A massive block of text is likely to get passed over. I try to respond as soon as I open an email, otherwise I forget to do it. If I open a massive email, I wont have time to respond, and then I will probably forget about it later. If you send the same email to multiple email addresses of mine, I will ignore them. If I don't respond within 72 hours, you might want to send again, so long as you've noted the information below.

Common emails and my answers (click to expand):
  • filter_dramaContracting/Consulting

    My rate is $250/hr. I do not accept equity or debt.

    Send me the specs of what you're looking for, and I will tell you if I can do it, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. I require half payment up front, and the other half upon completion.

    If you need me to help you spec it out, this is a form of consulting and I will require payment for this, including payment upfront for this stage.

    The rate is not negotiable, and is simply a function of supply and demand. If you're not sure about what I can do, check PythonProgramming.net, which is my tutorials website that shows what I know. You may even find that you can learn to do it yourself!

  • workEmploy me

    I am completely self-employed, very happy with that. I am a big fan of my current boss. I am not currently seeking employment. You can pitch me, but the answer is probably no.

  • businessLet's start a business together!

    I already have too many startups!

  • question_answerProgramming help

    Send your question my way, keep it as short and simple as possible. I ignore requests that appear to be homework/assignments.

  • phoneCall me!

    I mainly communicate via email. For any preliminary business discussions, email correspondance is required.

  • library_booksBook deals / Video production for Payment and/or Royalties

    I rarely accept these, usually due to an unfavorable contract.

    I already have my own distribution network, so I am often better off producing for myself than for a publisher and taking 12-25% royalties. Despite this, I have done both books and educational videos for a variety of producers.

    I do not take less than a 20% royalty if I am the main content creator, which is usually the deal breaker. I am aware of how few technical books are typically sold.

    I care more about a fair contract than how much you claim I stand to make in dollars on your platform.

    I require an advance that amounts to $1,000/hr of content, whether that is in video or text form.


Email: HSKinsley@gmail.com